地球上で最も大きいクジラは生物の代表として、象は「White elephant=(社会の役に立たないもの)」の意味から、そのアンチテーゼとして描く。地球の大自然は元々差別のない多様性そのものだった。

The concept of the art is “Voices of the Weak.” “Harmony and symbiosis”

In the history of mankind, there has always been the problem of the “invisible” people who are discriminated and sacrificed behind the development of civilization and economy. Technology is evolving and cities are becoming more and more beautiful, but because of this, some people are excluded, some people are discriminated against and persecuted because their right to exist is not recognized even though they have their own culture, and some people disappear from history because they cannot even speak up.

The reality is that minorities and those who are considered to be weak are unilaterally suppressed by the majority in society, those with social status and power, who deliberately refuse to acknowledge and discriminate against them in order to satisfy their own group’s sense of existence and ego.

It is so unreasonable and a violation of basic human rights to have superior and inferior values imposed on us, restricting and oppressing our lives by those who happen to be born into a privileged environment or who happen to have a privileged position. Throughout history, there have been many movements that have raised their voices and shed their blood in order to win the right to live in peace, but the situation today is no different.

So, should those who are born into disadvantaged circumstances be treated poorly?
Or should those who are severely damaged by an unfavorable environment or an accident, and who are considered weak by society, have no choice but to give up on life?
I have experienced many such unreasonable insults and discrimination in my own life.

Can’t those with unfavorable circumstances, disadvantages, or unwillingness to live?
Should those who have been failed and hurt by society give up on life?

If each and every human being born has the right to live a normal life, then no matter how minority, how useless, or how damaged they are, they should have the right to live a normal life in peace.
In general, these voices tend to be overlooked by the privileged, dismissed as “troublesome” or “nuisances. Is this really a beautiful, equal world?

I express the voices of the “weak” who cannot speak up in the form of animals and other forms, and create works in the hope of creating a society in which all beings can live, no matter how useless or troublesome they are.

The largest whale on earth is a representative of living things, and the elephant is depicted as the antithesis from the meaning of "white elephant" (something useless to society). The great nature of the earth was originally a diversity itself without discrimination.